Sixers news: Joel Embiid tells Stephen Curry he wants a new nickname
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Joel Embiid tells Stephen Curry he wants a new nickname

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Although Joel Embiid and Steph Curry are playing for two different teams, they have become really close friends off the court.

Recently, Embiid was a guest at Curry’s YouTube series called “5 Minutes from Home,” where he said that he is planning to change his nickname.

“‘The Process’ is never gonna be over. You gotta win a championship and when you win a championship, it starts over. So ‘The Process’ is always gonna go … I do like it, mainly because of the history of how we got here. So that’s why I like it.?

“But I’ve actually been thinking about, you know, creating something else. I’m tired of ‘The Process.’ I’m tired of it.”

Embiid is actually the main reason the 76ers are known for the catchphrase “Trust the Process,” as it was in 2014, the year he was drafted, that the Sixers began their rebuild.

However, Philly’s method of building a team through draft is similar to what the Golden State Warriors did a decade ago. The Dubs built a championship team through draft and marquee signings, and it resulted in the team winning three of the last four championships.

Still, Embiid fully embraced the Sixers’ method, but now that ‘The Process’ is almost complete, the big fella will most definitely need a new nickname.