The Philadelphia 76ers' offense is in peril as James Harden, Tyrese Maxey and Tobias Harris battle injuries. The last two healthy starters, Joel Embiid and P.J. Tucker, have a lot of slack to pick up for the Sixers. Embiid is unquestionably up for the challenge. Tucker…not so much.

Tucker has gone three straight games without scoring a single point while playing at least 29 minutes in each game, which is nearly unheard of throughout NBA history. He has hardly been active in the Sixers' offense overall, scoring a total of 68 points in 16 games this season.

The incomprehensible lack of scoring from Tucker is partly caused by the fact that the Sixers' best perimeter ball-handlers are dealing with injuries. Tucker is a spot-up shooter and occasional roller to the basket and off-ball cutter, so he hasn't been expected to score all that much anyway. However, having such a small scoring repertoire depreciates the value he can have on offense, especially when the team is undermanned.

Tucker was never brought into Philadelphia to be a scorer with any serious volume but going three full games with no points is alarming. However, not all Sixers fans agree on just how bad Tucker has been. While some fans are disgruntled over Tucker's lack of production…

…others are not as worried. Some are pointing to the role Tucker is supposed to have on the Sixers and the injuries to Harden and Maxey as reasons not to fret about Tucker's struggles. His shooting efficiency — 55.1 percent from the field and 44.0 percent from deep, both career highs — is also buying him some appreciation from fans.

Although Doc Rivers is extremely fond of Tucker for his selflessness and defensive effort, his scoring weaknesses are a reason why the next few weeks (while Harden and Maxey recover from their injuries) seem so bleak for the Sixers. He will have to be stellar on defense while his buckets are few and far between.