Big news dropped for the Philadelphia 76ers today, as it was reported that star James Harden would be joining the team at tracking camp, and newcomer Patrick Beverley was excited to hear about the news.

“Happy, I mean like I said, I continue to say it's hard to replace or get anything that symbolizes James Harden so hell yeah,” Patrick Beverley said, via Keith Pompey or the Philadelphia Inquirer. “We catching a vibe here. You know, we opening him up with open arms. Obviously things that have to deal with the players and upper office is kind of out of our hands, but as far as teammates, hell yeah we can't wait to see him.”

The 76ers had an eventful offseason that was headlined by James Harden opting into his contract and requesting a trade from the team, with the Los Angeles Clippers listed as his desired destination. A trade with the Clippers never came to fruition. The New York Knicks were listed as a team that was potentially interested, but that did not happen either. Whether it was the Clippers, Knicks or another team, there was not enough interest in Harden for Daryl Morey to pull the trigger on a trade.

Now, the 76ers will try to contend once again with Joel Embiid and Harden as the core players. There is some concern that another failure could cause Joel Embiid to ask for a trade, but that is a concern for down the line. It will be intriguing to see how Harden's presence impacts training camp.