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Sixers teammate gives Ben Simmons a dose of reality he can’t deny

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The offseason drama involving Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons is one ugly mess. In spite of his reported return to Philly, Simmons is still believed to be looking forward to his exit from the Sixers.

If and when Simmons steps on the court wearing a Sixers jersey again, two pressing questions await. How bad will the reception be from Philadelphia fans? Furthermore, how will his teammates welcome him amid everything that has transpired?

As far as Danny Green is concerned, Simmons should handle the situation in a professional manner. Plain and simple.

“I’m not asking him to do anything different than he normally does,” Green said, per John Clark of NBC Sports Philadelphia. “We’re not asking him to shoot jump shots. Just come in and be a pro and do your job. That’s what we expect of him.”

There’s probably no soul outside of Simmons’ camp who thinks the All-Star guard made the right decision when it comes to his holdout. It’s a matter that could’ve been handled internally, instead of applying pressure on Daryl Morey and the Sixers.

One can even argue that this whole drama has driven Simmons’ trade value down. It’s not because of his talent. Simmons placed the Sixers in a weak bargaining position with other teams. By the looks of it, Morey isn’t buying the bluff, hence rumors of his ridiculous asking price in trade talks centered on the former top pick.

It’s hard to imagine Simmons being let out of the doghouse by Sixers fans. This saga has taken too long, and he needs to man up.