Sixers news: Tobias Harris has been focusing on defense, being better off the bounce 'in the lab' this summer
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Sixers’ Tobias Harris has been focusing on defense, being better off the bounce ‘in the lab’ this summer

Tobias Harris, Sixers, Clippers

Following a very lucrative summer that saw him put pen to paper on a five-year, $180 million deal with the Philadelphia 76ers, much is expected of 27-year-old forward Tobias Harris in the upcoming season.

Recently, the 6-foot-9 forward sat down with Rich Hofmann of The Athletic, and one of the main points of discussion was the type of contribution Harris expects to provide for the Sixers this coming campaign:

“Yeah, I’ll be guarding threes,” Harris responded when asked about the type of defensive set up the Sixers will be playing with now that Al Horford is in the mix. “And in L.A., I was guarding threes at the beginning of the season. So I’m fine with that. I’ve been working on my defense and my lateral quickness all summer. I’m impressed with a lot of the things I’m getting better at.”

Harris went on to say that in this respect, he has definitely been putting a lot of work in to improve his defense:

“Defensive end, being more of a two-way (player). Isolation, post-up situations. We’ve been working a lot on just being better with the ball off the bounce,” he explained.

Finally, Harris spoke about how his summer has been a good balance between getting some work in, while also being able to spend some quality time with his family:

“Yeah, it’s been a great balance of being able to really lock in on things I can work out on and get better at and then at the same time be able to do some things,” Harris said. “My family was able to go to the ESPYs. I went on vacation at the end of the season, so it’s a lot of things that I’ve been doing that are fun, but I’ve really been in the gym. In the gym, in the lab, getting my body right, getting my conditioning, my overall improvements on the basketball court.”

It’s indeed exciting times ahead for a Sixers squad considered to be one of the favorites to make it out of the East this season. For his part, Harris will definitely have a big role to play in the level of success his team is able to reach this year.