Sixers rumors: Elton Brand apologized to Lakers' Magic Johnson
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Sixers’ Elton Brand apologized to Lakers’ Magic Johnson for the Ben Simmons mess

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Philadelphia 76ers general manager Elton Brand reportedly called Los Angeles Lakers president Magic Johnson with hopes to apologize for insinuating he called unprompted asking for a conversation with Sixers point guard Ben Simmons during a radio interview on Monday morning, according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne.

This potential tampering fiasco quickly turned into a he said, she said war between the Sixers’ and Lakers’ camp, with both executives forced to issue statements to clear it all up.

The league quickly launched an investigation to look into the matter and see what really took place a month ago between Simmons and Johnson.

The Lakers argued that general manager Rob Pelinka was the one receiving the call, saying he felt “uncomfortable” with the meeting between the second-year dime wizard and the Hall of Famer.

It’s likely nothing pretty will come from the NBA’s findings, as even the slightest hint of a connection between Simmons and Johnson could result in a fine, with the latter already having a precedent early in his executive career after being fined by the league for speaking about Paul George in an interview with late-night show host Jimmy Kimmel.

Magic Johnson’s comments on the matter were shaky at best, failing to describe what really went on and hoping the issue could be taken nonchalantly by all involved. Yet now the NBA is involved, which is bound to make matters that much more serious with Ben Simmons being another Klutch Sports client, same as trade target Anthony Davis and franchise star LeBron James.