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Markelle Fultz’s shot has improved, but not anywhere near where Sixers wants it to be

Markelle Fultz

After a year of battling injuries which affected his shooting mechanics, it seems that Markelle Fultz’ jump shot has improved. But it isn’t anywhere near where the Philadelphia 76ers wants it to be.

Last month, ‘BehindCurve’ of Liberty Ballers reported that the Sixers saw new workout clips of Fultz and were encouraged by it. They intend to insert Fultz to the starting line up if everything goes well.

However, more recent news revealed that while Fultz’ condition and jumpshot have improved, it still isn’t reliable as the team wants it to be. 5-on-5 scrimmages reveal that Fultz wasn’t exactly shooting from a good distance apart from occasional wide-open threes. His shooting mechanics are still questionable at this point. And it pretty much disqualifies him from being an effective catch-and-shoot player:

In a report, Liberty Ballers wrote:

While he was participating in 5-on-5 scrimmages back in California, he wasn’t shooting from distance in these games, aside from an occasional wide-open three pointer. Fultz has been practicing lots of NBA 3’s and the form looks significantly improved from one year ago, but not quite as fluid as it may have at the University of Washington; his release point is still a bit low and the results are not promising. I don’t expect that he is ready to be a reliable catch and shoot player. Yet.