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Rumors: The 10 teams still interested in Ben Simmons trade with Sixers, revealed

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With Ben Simmons reporting to the Philadelphia 76ers in a shocking twist to the drama-filled story, it has many wondering what comes next in this fiasco. Will Simmons stay with the Sixers now or will he still heavily push for a trade?

According to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, there are 10 teams still interested in making a Simmons trade with the Sixers.

Philadelphia’s most recent list of interested front offices, to varying degrees, still stands at nine known teams, sources said. In alphabetical order: Cleveland, Detroit, Houston, Indiana, Minnesota, Portland, Sacramento, San Antonio and Toronto have all remained engaged with the Sixers.

That’s only nine listed teams interested in flirting with the idea of acquiring Simmons from the Sixers. That’s because Fischer says the 10th team falls into the “mystery” category.

There is a 10th “mystery” franchise that has held substantial trade conversations with Philadelphia of late, sources told B/R, yet it remains unclear, even to members of Klutch Sports, who this purported additional suitor is. No team, however, has come near Morey and the Sixers’ firm asking price for Simmons, with simultaneous goals to further their championship contention around Embiid and remain in play to some day acquire a potentially available superstar—either from Portland or Washington, or some other unexpected franchise that will eventually arise.

What happens next is anyone’s guess. Simmons reporting to the Sixers was a surprise itself so whether or not he plays this out and sees if the drama fizzles or continues to push for a trade will be fascinating to follow along with.