The popular Fox Sports One TV show ‘Undisputed’ premiered its new three-man panel on Monday alongside venerable and controversial host Skip Bayless. Bayless, whose former partner Shannon Sharpe confirmed that he will be joining Stephen A. Smith on ‘First Take’ recently, struggled in the early going of the show.

The show’s host had a fired-up take on how the first day went — even though he had a hard time getting a word in due to the intensity of his new debate partners.

The show also picked up a commitment from longtime ESPN host Rachel Nichols recently.

Fans reacted to Skip Bayless’ first day in a variety of ways with some poking fun at his difficulty in speaking over Johnson, Irvin and Sherman.


“Great opening now y’all set the Bar for First Take with Shannon, he gotta bring on his first opening like y’all did…amazing job,” another fan said in complimentary fashion.

One fan said that he thought the former Seahawks All-Pro defensive back was the ‘Undisputed’ champion among the new co-hosts.

“Ain’t even gonna lie Richard Sherman been killing Irvin and Keyshawn. They’re speaking with their heart on a lot of these topics.”

Prior to the show Johnson indirectly stated he had a goal of stopping the “hate” for LeBron James on Bayless’ show. Skip Bayless has been critical of the Lakers superstar in recent years.

Skip Bayless, Johnson, Sherman and Irvin all got a shout-out from new Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders. Sanders is a former teammate of Irvin’s with the Super Bowl winning Dallas Cowboys.