Colorado is getting dominated by Oregon, but Skip Bayless has a problem with Oregon coach Dan Lanning. Lanning's pre-game speech to his team was recorded and ESPN broadcasted it during the Colorado/Oregon telecast on ABC. Lanning threw very direct shots at Colorado in his speech to his players saying, “At the end of the day, YouTube videos aren't going to win football games,” Right? You got to play the game between the white lines. And that's the plan for us this week. I'm not really concerned about outside noise. This is all about playing the game, not the occasion.”

Skip Bayless saw the video and sent out two tweets, saying, “WHOA … Oregon coach Lanning BLASTED Deion's and Colorado's media campaign in his pregame speech to his Ducks, saying this game would be about substance over flash, played on grass not in Hollywood – Deion's Team fighting for clicks vs Oregon for wins. Guess the speech worked.”

Bayless then defended Deion Sanders and Colorado, saying, “Yes, Deion has done a lot talking … because he's great at it and he's trying to send a recruiting message that Colorado is THE PLACE TO BE. The Lannings of the world are SCARED TO DEATH of what Deion is building. So Lanning can take his shots now, while he can. But #HeComing.”
Deion Sanders and Colorado look to rebound against reigning Heishman trophy winner Caleb Williams and USC next Saturday.