Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games have been around for over ten years now. You have titanic games such as League of Legends and Dota 2 responsible for some of the modern success of esports in general. Sadly, not every MOBA found immense success that led to million-dollar annual tournaments. Additionally, several games in the genre already closed up shop after failing to capture the attention of players. Now, a brand new game looks to bring innovation to the decade-old genre. Skydome brings together traditional MOBA and tower defense mechanics. Players generally give new things a try but just how far will this new MOBA make it?


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Skydome comes from publisher gamigo and developers Kinship Entertainment. The team behind the new game planned ahead with a roadmap filled with exciting content. Similar to all the other MOBA titles, the game features an exciting cast of unique playable characters. Additionally, each Champion boasts their own unique skillset, design, and play style. The game includes a MOBA-style jungle area with unique monsters. Players get to face off against countless waves of monsters. Skydome takes a unique approach to the tried-and-tested MOBA genre.

Many games tried to shake up the titans of the MOBA industry but they have mostly failed. To Kinship Entertainment's credit, no game attempted to include tower defense and wave defense mechanics in the past. Truly, it's a fresh take on a well-known game mode. Skydome's innovative approach to the genre is similar to Fortnite's addition of building mechanics to battle royales.

The end goal of most modern competitive games is to become an exciting esports experience. Above all, we won't know how well Skydome does as a spectator esports until we actually see it in action. Hopefully, the developers release more videos to reveal Skydome's mechanics. Hype around the game slowly builds up but the developers did not announce an official release date. Interested players can now sign up for the beta through the official Skydome website.