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Someone spent $100,000 on an Among Us shaped chicken nugget

$100,000 Among Us Chicken Nugget

In today’s weird and random news, an eBay listing of an Among Us-shaped chicken nugget just sold for $100,000. The exact price is $99,997, but that’s just $3 short of six digits. Given that a regular chicken nugget 10-piece at McDonald’s only costs $4.49, the price paid for by the buyer is more than 222,000x more than the cost of a regular chicken nugget. However, we have a feeling that that’s not exactly why the buyer bought it, anyway.

This rather strange news caught the eyes of InnerSloth, the developers of the game. When they first saw the eBay listing, the Among Us Chicken Nugget was just being sold for $34,443. The official Xbox Twitter account even pitched in, saying that for that amount, the nugget should come with Szechuan Sauce. To this, InnerSloth responded, counting how many Xbox Series X units someone can buy with that amount (do the math, but it’s a nice number).

The funny part in all this is that the seller turns out to actually have some Szechuan Sauce handy. The seller said that the buyer did request for some of the sauce to come with the Among Us chicken nugget, so the nugget will come with a box of the sauce.

The buyer is pretty sus, though. We’re not sure if the transaction will push through. But if it does, we do hope that the buyer still has some money to get Guinness on board to have them register this as a world record.