Brad Stevens: Manu Ginobili one of the best ever at ends of quarters ever
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Brad Stevens says Manu Ginobili one of the best players at ends of quarters ever

Manu Ginobili

Even in defeat, Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens made light of getting beat by Manu Ginobili’s wild 3-pointer on Friday.

Apparently before the game, Stevens praised Ginobili about a specific part of his game, but later came to regret it, per the official Twitter account of the Celtics.

Ginoblili has practically made a living on clutch shooting. During the many championships the San Antonio Spurs have won over the years, Ginobili has been right in the thick of things, making big shot after big shot.

Of course, Friday wasn’t an NBA Finals game. It wasn’t even a playoff game. It was just a regular season matchup in early December that usually doesn’t matter much, if at all.

But as the game wore on Friday, the feeling started to build that a big play was coming. It just wasn’t immediately apparent what team would make it and who it would be.

Ginobili had other big plays in that game leading up to his game-winner that were just as spectacular. But none as big as the shot he made with just a few ticks remaining in the game.

The narrative likely changes if Kyrie Irving’s corner 3 nestled in the basket to force overtime. But as it stands, Ginobili put one other clutch shot notch on his NBA belt, and there may be more to come this season.