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Spurs coach Gregg Popovich rips Donald Trump, others for not taking COVID-19 seriously

Spurs, Gregg Popovich, Donald Trump

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich had strong words for Americans struggling to grasp the extent of COVID-19 and failing to act accordingly.

Popovich said Americans are selfish by nature, adding the virus has been contorted and politicized for unworthy reasons:

“I’m disappointed in the fiber of our populous,” Popovich said, via a thread from Matthew Tynan of The Athletic. “We’re still more of an instant-gratification country. We think about ourselves more than the group, than the community. It’s just beyond my comprehension how somebody can talk about not wearing a mask shows that you’re for freedom, and you’re for America, and you’re for personal choice when it has nothing to do with that.”

“Intellectually, philosophically, emotionally — we’re all in this together. We’re all in the mud…we’re trying to save each other’s ass. But a large group of people can’t project and go beyond themselves in that sense, and that’s very disappointing. And I think it’s sad for the country.”

The veteran head coach has never been shy about lending his voice to off-floor issues. Popovich has been critical of President Donald Trump, and he was especially vocal about racial inequities this past summer.

In fact, the Spurs coach took more shots at Trump for his handling of the pandemic, saying he can’t “manage anything” and added Trump is more of a bully than a knowledgeable politician:

“But what does he do? He golfs and spreads lies,” Popovich said, via Tynan. “He has nothing whatsoever to do with what’s going on here. It’s sad, but soon it will be over. We just hope he doesn’t burn the whole thing down on his way out.”

With the pandemic raging on in the U.S., “Pop” is hoping everyone can show more accountability in attempting to stop the spread.

The NBA as a whole will have its challenges playing a modified season with COVID-19 rates spiking in the winter months, especially as an indoor sport.

Just as Popovich wishes the general populous will be more accountable, players and coaches around the league will also need to take precautions in keeping one another safe.