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Shaq’s bonkers claim on Spurs superteam with Tim Duncan, David Robinson

Tim Duncan, Shaq, David Robinson, Spurs, Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers legend Shaquille O’Neal will go down as one of the best bigs to ever play in the NBA. But, what if he took a different route to glory and teamed up with Tim Duncan and David Robinson on the San Antonio Spurs?

That would surely have been one of the first superteams the league has ever seen. O’Neal recently spoke on Robert Horry’s podcast about how that came across his mind, but he decided against the idea.

“I would have went to go play with Tim Duncan and David Robinson,” O’Neal said. “I am from San Antonio. I could have came down there and played and won.

“But I was like nope. I’m taking my licks. Licking my wounds, and I want to beat these dudes and we did.”

O’Neal did grow up in San Antonio after living in Germany and would’ve probably been watching Spurs on a regular basis in high school. But instead of joining forces with two superstars big men like himself, Shaq took the hard road with the Orlando Magic before joining the Lakers, where he ultimately won three NBA titles.

Okay, but you have to admit. A big 3 of Shaq, Duncan, and Robinson would be an absolute handful for any team in the Association. The size and length all of them possess are absolutely ridiculous. The Spurs would lead the league in rebounds by a long shot.

As for superteams, they’re basically a normality in today’s game, which does seem unfair at times. Shaq clearly seems glad he didn’t form one with the Spurs, but let’s be honest, that Lakers squad with Kobe and O’Neal was pretty damn good as well.