Spurs rumors: 'Growing suspicion' Dennis Robertson trying to build marketing company with Kawhi Leonard as star client
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RUMOR: ‘Growing suspicion’ that Dennis Robertson trying to build marketing company with Kawhi Leonard as star client

Kawhi Leonard

The Los Angeles Lakers have a LaVar Ball issue, whereas the San Antonio Spurs do seemingly have an avuncular problem at hand in the form of Kawhi Leonard’s uncle, Dennis Robertson.

Due to Leonard’s silence either by design or by his innate personality, Robertson has become the superstar’s representative and mouthpiece. Robertson is the most prominent figure in Leonard’s camp whose directives have rumored to have done more damage to the player’s relationship to the team than any other single factor.

In fact, according to a report by Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio Express-News, several NBA agents are starting to believe that Robertson has intentionally distorted Leonard’s rapport with San Antonio to a point where it’s beyond repair, so that he could establish a new marketing company with his nephew as the face of the brand.

There is growing suspicion among a collection of NBA agents — a naturally suspicious group — that Robertson is aiming to build his own marketing company with his nephew as its signature client, and would like to position Leonard in a glamour market to do so. Multiple agents say Robertson — a former banking executive — has approached other players about wanting to be their manager.

Leonard is eligible to receive a super max contract his summer from the Spurs, but considering the standing of Leonard’s relationship with San Antonio, him putting ink on such an offer from the team is far from becoming a reality. It certainly is not helping the two camps iron out their differences if the said NBA agents continue to come up with suspicions, which may or may not be baseless, but still only adds to the cloud of negativity hovering over San Antonio.