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Tim Duncan flies to NYC, possibly to meet with Gregg Popovich

San Antonio Spurs icon Tim Duncan flew to New York City on Tuesday morning, coincidentally to potentially meet with head coach and confidant Gregg Popovich, who is scheduled to meet up with star forward Kawhi Leonard over the next few weeks, according to Jeff Garcia of News4SA.com

Popovich will have to address issues with Kawhi Leonard and look to have him repair relationships with the staff, the front office, and his fellow teammates before the team can extend a massive five-year, $219 million deal — which he’ll be eligible for when the free agency window opens on July 1.

Leonard was spotted back in NYC on Wednesday, which likely means Duncan will take part in the meeting between Popovich and Leonard, likely bridging the gap between the old-school coach and the superstar player.

Popovich and Duncan have been close throughout their near two-decade run with the organization and now have a chance to team up again in hopes to reel in Leonard and make him the star of this franchise moving forward.

If talks don’t go well, the Spurs could mull the possibility of trading him — but that would be a definite last case scenario, as the organization historically has kept things under wraps and tried to iron out any issues internally.