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Stadia’s Journey to the Savage Planet is broken and no one can fix it

Google, Stadia, Journey to the Savage Planet, Typhoon Studios

Google decided to shut down all of its internal first-party game developers earlier this year to focus on the console’s development. This seemed like a sound move at the time but a problem has crept up with no solution in sight. One of Stadia’s only first-party titles, Journey to the Savage Planet has a problem and there’s no one left to fix it. Google’s shortsightedness translated into a massive problem that could potentially mean no Stadia players ever play this wonderfully colorful title ever again.


The bug in question causes the Stadia version of Journey to the Savage planet to freeze on the start screen. Numerous players reported the same issue but handling the fix is another issue entirely. Oftentimes, developers keep a watchful eye on any showstopping bugs that could hinder player enjoyment close to the title’s release. Unfortunately, Google terminated the only people capable of fixing this problem. The company may have more focus on the console but the games became a giant pitfall trap.

Typhoon Studios, the developers of Journey to the Savage Planet, no longer exists. The only people that could’ve helped Google quickly amend its massive problem are nowhere to be found. Talk about creating your own enemies. Google claims that it’s currently “actively working with our partners to identify a fix.” Unfortunately for Stadia owners, the search-engine giant offered no estimated date when a fix could arrive.

Fortunately, the issue has not been reported on other versions of the game. Journey to the Savage Planet’s case begs the question of what could happen to other first-party Stadia titles. Naturally, similar game-breaking bugs could potentially be found in other games. Google needs to put a safety system in place to address future issues. Ultimately, Google just created a headache that it now has to scramble to solve.