The Pittsburgh Steelers were forced to make an emergency landing on Monday morning after their plane malfunctioned. Fresh off a win against the Las Vegas Raiders, the team was forced to stay in Kansas City for six hours before being able to depart for Pittsburgh. Eventually, though, everything was settled and the Steelers were able to leave the city. Before their departure, though, the Kansas City International Airport posted a message involving the Chiefs as well.

“Sorry you had to make an unscheduled touchdown in Kansas City, @Steelers. That will be the only one this year (not on the @Chiefs schedule). Post season: who knows? Fly safely.”

The Steelers are not on the Chiefs schedule this season. However, the last time Pittsburgh stepped foot in Arrowhead, things didn't end well for the Steel City. The Chiefs trounced the Steelers in the 2021 AFC Wild Card round 42 – 21 in a game that was much more lopsided than the final score indicates.

So, why are the Steelers in Kansas City all of a sudden? Well, the team plane had to make an emergency landing after a malfunction. The team was forced to spend six hours in their airport waiting for a different plane to take them home to Pittsburgh.

“Multiple Pittsburgh media outlets reported that the plane landed at KCI Airport at 3:55 a.m. CT because of oil pressure failure in one of the engines. Fire trucks were at the scene inspecting the Airbus A330-900, according to Pittsburgh CBS affiliate KDKA, which had a news crew aboard the plane.”

Thankfully, the Steelers were able find a new plane and have departed for Pittsburgh. They will now start to prepare for a surprisingly good Houston Texans squad on Sunday.