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Texans’ JJ Watt has funny response to siblings’ reunion in Pittsburgh


Brothers playing in the NFL is not exactly a new concept, but brothers playing together for the same team doesn’t happen every so often. So one could only imagine the delight the Watt family had when they learned that Derek and TJ Watt are going to play for the Steelers in 2020.

This surprising move happened when Derek ended his four-year stint with the Los Angeles Chargers to join his younger brother in the Steel City for three years. While TJ is on the final year of his rookie contract, it’s not unreasonable to expect him to return to the Steelers.

Due to this interesting situation, everyone was wondering what the eldest Watt brother was thinking about when his brothers teamed up. Things obviously turned for the hilarious as JJ had a brilliant line to use for the situation.

As covered by Georgia Slater, Watt retweeted the Steelers’ hilarious Step Brothers tribute to the Watts by insinuating that they would be living together.

“If anybody touches my drumset, there are going to be big ,big problems,” JJ said on his tweet.

While hilarious, it’s very unlikely that they will share the same roof in Pitt. Derek doesn’t think his wife would love having TJ rooming with them.

“Once we get to Pittsburgh, I’m not going to say we’re going to be roommates,” Watt said. “He doesn’t want that. I know my wife doesn’t want that. It would be awesome, yes, but there’s a fine line between being around each other every single day, nonstop.”

Still, Derek said he would love the opportunity to play alongside all of his brothers.

“It would be something incredibly special for my family if we could all three, somehow, someway get together on the field in the same uniform.”

While Derek’s dream is still a pipe dream, they will have a chance to play together on the same field this season. The Steelers are set to play JJ’s Houston Texans this year, and there are going to be fireworks for sure.