The Florida State Seminoles were left out of the College Football Playoff despite their 13-0 record. Of course, this has many fans up in arms. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was among the first to express his discontent. DeSantis wants to sue the CFP committee for leaving FSU out; however, Stephen A. Smith criticized DeSantis for the claim, bringing Donald Trump into the picture.

Stephen A. Smith calls out Ron DeSantis for CFP antics amid election race

Smith took to his YouTube podcast to express his discontent with DeSantis' focus on the Seminoles CFP berth:

“Don't you have bigger priorities? I mean, you're trailing Donald Trump by about 59 points in the polls. The man ain't even show up to debate you because he considers you that insignificant,” Smith boldly claimed, per Awful Announcing (h/t The Stephen A. Smith Show Presented by FanDuel).

Furthermore, Smith asserted that FSU's snub is not a unique situation.

“This isn't the first time a college football program institution has gotten screwed over. Ask TCU, ask Ohio State, ask Baylor, ask Central Florida from years ago,” Smith said.

Florida State football program went undefeated and won the ACC Championship, a Power 5 conference title. Was it right to leave the Seminoles out of the College Football Playoff?

Stephen A. Smith believes the committee questioned if FSU would perform well in the absence of star QB Jordan Travis.

Smith further criticized DeSantis for some of his publicity appeal tactics amid his election race, but the commentator applauded the Florida governor for his debate performance against California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Who will ultimately be right in the selection of teams for the CFP? Time holds the answer.