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Steve Mills leaves out Carmelo Anthony’s name when listing Knicks to rebuild around

The New York Knicks last week named general manager Steve Mills as the next president of basketball operations to effectively replace Phil Jackson.

It didn’t take long for him to give an indication of what the team’s plans are long-term with All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony as he decided not to mention him as one of the players the front office will build the roster around.

There has been a growing sense that the Knicks will move Anthony at some point during this offseason. However, it has been a difficult process due to the 33-year-old possessing a no-trade clause that allows for him to have the final say on any potential deal.

Anthony is reportedly open to being moved to either the Houston Rockets or Cleveland Cavaliers, but both teams are having trouble in finding a third trade partner to help facilitate a transaction. Along those same lines, the Portland Trail Blazers have also emerged as a team interested in acquiring the 10-time All-Star.

Mills did also indicate that there is a possibility that Anthony could remain with the team next season. Given the direction that the trade talks are currently heading, this scenario remains the most likely to occur. The only thing that is clear at this point is that Anthony’s tenure in New York is inching ever so closer to an end.