Steven Adams is enjoying his offseason so far and part of that has been going back to his home of New Zealand to give back to his community.

There is no doubt that Adams knows the giant role in getting to the NBA that his home played and now he is paying it off. If Adams can become a big NBA superstar then he has the possibility of inspiring many others in New Zealand.

According to, Adams managed to make a big difference in one boy’s life.

When Adams was traveling around New Zealand doing basketball camps he saw a young boy who was clearly afraid of all that was going on. The boy was standing back, reluctant to join in the activities.

That is when Adams came up to the boy in hopes of helping him get rid of his shyness. While all the craziness of the camp was going on Adams was out of the picture encouraging to get the boy involved. After watching some of what the other kids were doing at the camp Adams was able to inspire the boy enough to get him to participate.

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When asked about the importance of giving back Adams had this to say:

“It’s about making sure we have some good foundations so as when my career ends it keeps going. That’s all we’re figuring out now, and a lot of people are working very hard at it. But it is our goal to make it huge.”

Steven Adams knows he has tons of work to do if he wants to really make a difference in New Zealand, but every little step counts. He was able to help one young kid today, and who knows how big of a difference that might be for that child.

If Adams can find a way to help just one child on every day of his offseason then he is doing great. He also delivered some words of encouragement on getting to the NBA for every kid at his camp.

“It’s mainly just have fun with it, especially at this age. You don’t want them to grow up too fast. As long as they enjoy the game they’ll progress as they need to.”