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Streetball legend calls out Kevin Hart and Justin Bieber

Mani Love is one of the most famous streetball legends not just in New York City, but also in the whole world. Even if he only stands at 4-foot-5, Love has more than made up for his lack of height with his insane dribbling skills.

A video of him recently went viral as he did a nasty crossover on a woman while crossing the street and had her fall to the ground.

When asked who he wants to play against next, he quickly dropped Kevin Hart and Justin Bieber‘s names. Love made it clear though that it’s not about them being famous but because they also play basketball and that he respects their games.

However, he was not shy to admit that he believes the former YouTube sensation and R&B artist will be forced to end his tour abruptly as he can break his ankles just like what he did to the woman on the streets of New York.

His matchup with either of them may seem like a long shot for now, but if there’s one thing certain, it will be highly-entertaining and something a lot of fans wouldn’t want to miss seeing if it happens.

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