Jaryd “summit1g” Lazar is a stalwart of Twitch, a veteran streamer that a lot of youngbloods look up to. Starting out as a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) player, he successfully transitioned to streaming. Now, at the age of 33 and eight years into streaming, summit1g remains popular. We look into his career and his wealth, investigating his Net Worth in 2020.

Summit1g’s net worth in 2020: ~$7.5 million

Born on April 23, 1987 in Colorado Springs, California, summit1g is a veteran in the esports industry. He started playing competitively with Exertus eSports in 2012. At 25, his esports debut can be considered to have started late. However, his career as a professional player wouldn’t lead to any major success. Over his short esports career, summit1g only earned a little over $25,000.

Fans may not remember his professional career to be an illustrious and successful one. But his success in front of the webcam will likely be remembered for many years to come. With over 5.7 million followers on Twitch, summit1g’s one of the most successful streamers today. While he started out streaming CS:GO, summit1g later expanded his portfolio over the years, taking up games such as Escape From Tarkov and Sea of Thieves. His ability to entertain regardless of the game he plays makes his fans very loyal to him.

To date, summit1g is close to reaching 100,000 monthly subscribers on Twitch. Through his subscribers, he earns at least $250,000 a month. His monthly earnings from the streaming platform easily place him as one of the most lucrative stars on Twitch. Adding up his earnings from when he started streaming in 2012, summit1g’s net worth is estimated to be around $7.5 million.

Luck is not on his side

To be fair to summit1g, he deserves his success. He’s been through a lot, and luck hasn’t always been on his side.

For example, one incident makes it clear that being a pro player may not be the best career track for him. During the DreamHack Open Austin 2016 while playing with Splyce, summit1g’s team was up against Counter Logic Gaming (CLG). They were leading the map at match point with a score of 15-11. As part of the counter-terrorist team, he was able to kill the last enemy terrorist. At match point, this meant his team was on the verge of winning. But instead of defusing the bomb, summit1g accidentally killed himself instead with a Molotov Cocktail. This unfortunate moment led to CLG turning the tide, eventually winning the map with a winning streak. This tournament had a $100,000 prize pool, which meant winning could have netted him around $20,000 in prize winnings. Funny how he earns way more than that now as a streamer.

Another unfortunate incident involved summit1g finding himself at the crosshairs of actual guns. While streaming Pokemon Go with a friend, they were approached by some police officers. The officers explained that someone tipped them that there’s someone in their area walking around with an AK47. After being questioned by the police, it became apparent that the streamer became a victim of a prank called “swatting”. Swatting involves pranksters calling on police to respond to a non-existent threat, a prank that may have fatal consequences. Luckily for summit1g, his encounter with law enforcement didn’t end up badly. But according to him, he saw guns pointed at him during that time.

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“They had a guy across on the other side of the trail pointing rifles at us, and I think they had two cops at the car pointing rifles at us,” he said. “It’s kind of scary.”

Pranking his fans with retirement

It’s unthinkable for summit1g to actually leave his streaming career. Aside from his very lucrative arrangement with Twitch, he’s on the record saying that he doesn’t understand how streamers actually arrive at a decision to leave streaming.

But just last week, fans of the veteran streamer were shocked to learn that summit1g has decided to leave streaming for good. On-stream, he says that he will end his contract with Twitch and that he’s ready to move to the next chapter of his career as a video game developer.

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The clip of him saying he’s quitting Twitch made the rounds on social media, making a lot of fans actually believe he’s leaving Twitch for good. Turns out that summit1g was just joking around with commenters on his stream. The prank got out of hand that he eventually had to clear the air about his supposed retirement.

As for his possible career in video game development, summit1g makes it clear that it’s no longer an option for him.

“What f***ing studio would want to take me, huh?” summit1g scoffed. “I burned the game dev bridge a long time ago.”

The streamer also made it clear that he doesn’t plan to retire from streaming anytime soon. This gives him a lot of room to further grow his riches by streaming.