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Video: Suns’ Devin Booker gets pissed after being double-teamed in open gym; Joakim Noah reacts

Devin Booker, Suns, Joakim Noah

Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker was not pleased upon getting a double-team in a recent open gym run, but NBA hopeful Joakim Noah was having none of it.

Booker caught a pass at the baseline and was met with a flashing double-team after holding the ball a few seconds in isolation, telling Noah, “Hey bro, we not doubling in open gym. I get that s**t all season. Come on, man. Let’s work on our game.”

Noah was quick to reply, “Yeah, we are,” but there is a reason why we seldom see NBA players being doubled during these open gym runs:

Doubling at the corner will force a player to most likely pass the ball out to a teammate, but Booker’s sentiment makes sense. Players often participate in these runs to showcase what they’ve learned or added in the early part of the offseason and put it to work before training camp, where they will see plenty of double-teaming and pressure situations ahead of an 82-game campaign.

Yet Noah, a former Defensive Player of the Year, has never been scared to ruffle some feathers — especially when Booker was toasting the opposition only a few days ago in that very gym:

There could be an argument as to why double-teaming could help, but its upside is minimal, considering that a lot of double-team awareness is based on the current personnel and it’s unlikely that any of the players in Booker’s open gym run will be catching passes from him during the season.

The risk for injury in high-pressure situation also increases. Given Booker has failed to finish the regular season during the last two campaigns, it’s likely something he’ll hope to avoid altogether going into his fifth year in the league.