Super Mega Baseball 4 launched today, and with it comes a boatload of new content to explore. One of the biggest improvements was the addition of a team chemistry system. But you may be wondering, how does team chemistry work?

Metalhead Software explained this mechanic in one of their recent deep dives, but we'll go a little more in-depth to explain the different chemistry types.

Super Mega Baseball 4 Chemistry

There are five total chemistry types players can have in SMB4. Each player in the game is given a chemistry type while only some players have one or 2 traits. Traits are abilities that either improve or worsen your players performance. Here are the five chemistry types in SMB4:

  • Spirited
  • Crafty
  • Disciplined
  • Competitive
  • Scholarly

So how does chemistry affect your player? By boosting the effectiveness of your players traits.

Positive Traits

For example, say you have two players on the team with a Disciplined chemistry type. Now, let's say one of those players has the Magic Hands trait (which increases the chance of a missed catch when jumping, diving, or sliding by 12.5%). If you add one more player to your roster with a Disciplined chemistry type, you'll notice the trait's percentage jumps to a 25% chance of missed catches.

That's because adding more players with the same chemistry type will boost the effectiveness of your traits. Here's another way of explaining it:

  • 2 or less players will only give a minor boost to a trait (12.5% for Magic Hands)
  • 3-6 players will give a major boost to your trait (25% for Magic Hands)
  • 6+ players will give a huge boost to your trait (50% for Magic Hands)

So as you can see, it's good to have a lot of your players share a chemistry type. But what about traits that don't have a percentage value?

Take the Off-Speed Hitter trait, for example. The trait improves your swing power when swinging to a CB, SL, CH, SB, or FK pitch. Here's how it would work depending on your team structure:

  • 2 or less players will receive a 1x multiplier to their trait effectiveness (minor)
  • 3-6 players will receive a 2x multiplier to their trait effectiveness (major)
  • 6+ players will receive a 4x multiplier to their trait effectiveness (huge)

Again, having players with the same chemistry types is a great way to improve your star players while also helping lower overall depth guys.

Negative Traits

Super Mega Baseball 4 has both positive and negative traits which effect your player. For example, the Butter Fingers trait means there's a 50% chance your player will miss a catch when jumping, diving, or sliding. So, how will chemistry types affect this trait?

Adding more players with the same chemistry type will actually lower the percentage, or negative effect that the trait provides. Here's how it works for the Butter Fingers Trait:

  • 2 or less players – 50% chance
  • 3-6 players – 25% chance
  • 6+ players – 12.5% chance

That's the great thing about chemistry types. They not only improve positive traits, but lower the effect of negative ones.

How Should I Balance my Chemistry Types?

It's all based on preference, but know that there's traits for both pitchers and batters. There's 22 players on each roster, so if you want you could shape it up in any way. Here are two suggestions that we think about could work out.

  • You could have 4 players with the same chemistry type in order to have all 5 chemistry types with a major boost for each. This would be good for ensuring everyone on your team has a good boost, or has their negative trait factors reduced. However, no one on your team would have a huge boost
  • 3 groups of 7 players with the same chemistry type would assure 21 players on your roster have a huge boost. The last player can be any chemistry type. This would also be good, but know that you'll be limited to traits of only the three chemistry types available.

Also be wary that some traits increase certain stats while lowering others.

For example, the Big Hack Scholarly Trait increases power while decreasing contact when in 2-0, 3-0, and 3-1 counts. If you only have two scholarly players on your team, you're actually receiving -20 contact in order to have +10 power. This is a trait where you should have at least three players. Here's why:


Massimo Marchiano ·

  • 3-6 players will give you +20 power, while only decreasing contact by 10.
  • 7+ players will give you+40 power, while only decreasing contact by 5.

Additionally, certain traits are only active under certain conditions.

For example, K Collector gives +15 Velocity and +15 Junk when pitching with a 2-strike count. Theoretically, this trait is only good for one pitch if you manage to get a strike. While K Collector is good for 2-strike counts, Workhorse lets your pitcher decrease their stamina at a 20% lower rate permanently. So you not only need to have your players share chemistry types, but you need to see which traits help can help you in most situations.

Try to sign players with not only the same chemistry types, but traits that help them in most situations, not just specific ones. There are currently 75 available traits in SMB4 split among batters and pitchers. Of course, you can also just customize who has what types and traits in the customization menu.


Super Mega Baseball 4 launched today for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. The game comes with two editions. There's a standard edition, and the Ballpark Edition, which will add three new stadiums over the course of the summer. EA Play Members can also play a 10-hour trial of the game and get it for 10% off.

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