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Kyle Kuzma scores a basket for Australia

Team USA, Australia, Kyle Kuzma

Kyle Kuzma had a terrific game for Team USA, scoring 12 points off the bench and shooting the lights out from beyond the arc during a 102-86 exhibition win against Australia in Melbourne. Yet Thursday night saw him do some scoring for the Boomers as well, as a tip-in gaffe ruined what could have been a standout moment from the early portion of the game.

Australia’s Chris Goulding drove past Joe Harris only for a trailing Donovan Mitchell to come from behind and ruthlessly swat his layup off the board, one that Kuzma couldn’t control, tipping the ball into his own basket.

Should Kuzma have finished with 14 total points or should this be subtracted from his score of 12 points?

The basket was instead awarded to Goulding as a phantom field goal attempt, which helped him lead the way for Australia along with veteran point man Patty Mills with 19 points apiece.

Kuzma is likely to figure as one of Gregg Popovich’s main cogs off the bench due to his length, athleticism, and a renewed stroke from deep that saw him can four of his five 3-point attempts on Thursday.

So long as Kuz is doing more of that and less tip-ins into Team USA’s basket, he should prove a helpful wing to have around as the Americans embark on a trip to China next week for the upcoming 2019 FIBA World Cup.