Another Teamfight Tactics (TFT) event is here just in time for Chinese New Year. The event entitled “Gifts of the Golden Lantern” brings fortune with its freebies that would make a lot of tacticians happy. Gift your Tactician friends new year treats and claim rewards for yourself by accomplishing in-game missions. The success of last set’s event, “Skyglass Origins,” was huge that we get to have another TFT in-game event for us in 2022. Gifts of the Golden Lantern event went live during TFT’s patch 12.2, on January 20, 2022 and will run for up until around February 15. We have approximately a month to enjoy it so let’s make it count. 

The TFT event will kick off a bit earlier than in-game though. You have the chance to earn Little Legend eggs, emotes, and more for free. Here’s how you can get them.

An adorable Duckbill will invite you to the Lunar Legend Festival. To accept the invitation to the festival, just hop into a game!

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After hopping into a game of TFT, you need to accomplish all of the missions they will give you. After that it’s time to chat the Tacticians at the event and start getting rewards. The Tacticians are seven in total in the festival and they will be the ones to reward you. 

But just because you’ve gotten gifts for each Tactician doesn’t mean we’re done yet! Before any present opening and lantern lighting can happen, we’ve gotta help these Tacticians answer riddles. The answers may seem obvious, but they won’t come that easy—a few gameplay related missions might help you find the answers. And once you can help solve their riddles, the Tacticians may just have a reward for you as well. It’s like the same with the Spirit Blossom event for league of Legends last Season 10. You need to answer riddles for them to give you the reward. These questions are game related so if you’re well-versed in the game, this will be a piece of cake for you.

Here is a complete list of the missions you can do while playing TFT. After playing the first mission entitled “Invitation,” it will unlock the rest of the missions for you to accomplish.

InvitationPlay a game of TFTLike My Stripes? Emote
A Briny BargainFeed Tahm Kench a 2-star+ unit in exchange for the perfect fish to give Lunar Beast Choncc15 Star Shards
Trash to TreasureCollect parts for Firecracker Duckbill’s helicopter by upgrading 30 components using the Scrap trait15 Star Shards
Shopping SpreeBuy Porcelain Dowsie the perfect festival decorations by rerolling the shop 30 times15 Star Shards
A Prestigious PrizeWin a trophy for Year of the Tiger Protector by earning recognition. The higher you place the more recognition you get15 Star Shards
The Biggest of BoomsFind Firecracker Chibi Jinx the biggest firework by getting Jinx to cast her spell15 Star Shards
Signature of the StarGet Lucky Noodle Dowsie an autograph by putting a 3-star champion in a Socialite Spotlight15 Star Shards
The Best BaubleFind Lucky Lantern Dango the shiniest trinket by collection 40 loot orbs15 Star Shards

For PC players, you need to go to the event hub to claim missions and rewards. As for mobile tacticians, missions and rewards will be claimed automatically. After the event, we will get to see the mid-set of TFT 6.5 update. For now, we should hop in and play games of TFT and enjoy the event while it’s here.