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Rafael Nadal predicts something bad about the future of tennis

Rafael Nadal, Tennis

Tennis superstar Rafael Nadal has shared his views on the evolution of tennis over the last decade.

Since making his stunning ATP Tour debut in 2002 at age 16, Rafael Nadal surely has a lot to say about tennis. And among the things that capture his attention is the sport’s rapid innovation in terms of technology.

Over the years, tennis has come with an array of new technologies primarily intended to improve several aspects of the game.

While some see it as positive, Nadal, on the other hand, is “not convinced” that the sport is going to the right direction in terms of adaptation.

Based on the Spanish legend’s assessment, such technological changes are beginning to affect the quality of the game.

“In the past, talent and tactics were much more relevant than they are today,” Nadal told Japanese magazine Number via Tennis World USA. “[We] needed more sagacity to make the point, while today’s tennis is based on different concepts. On land it is still possible to maneuver, on grass and concrete it has become almost impossible. Tennis is faster and faster and I’m not convinced it’s the right way.”

“If a solution is not found soon, there is a risk that tennis will become hostage to that single shot,” the 35-year-old pointed out. “I think the situation will get worse in the next ten years.”

Nadal missed Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics due to injuries. However, the 20-time Grand Slam champion is expected to finally make a 100% return to the circuit in 2022.