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Termi Reptile: What is a Termi Reptile Axie, and is Termi good?

Termi Reptile Axie Infinity Guide

If you’ve picked up Axie Infinity recently, chances are you’ve fought against a Terminator Axie. The most common among these are the Termi Reptile Axie. But what is a Terminator Axie? What is a Terminator Reptile, and how do you fight against it?

What is a Terminator Reptile Axie?

A Terminator is an Axie that has two stuns, a slow, and has tons of armor. They are strong when they end up fighting other axies 1v1. The most common build is the Terminator Reptile Axie, which has the following moves:

  • Chomp (Reptile Tiny Turtle Mouth)
    • Apply Stun to enemy when comboed with at least 2 additional cards.
  • Mystic Rush (Bug Lagging Horn)
    • Apply Speed- to target for 2 rounds.
  • Allergic Reaction (Bug Thorny Catterpilar Tail)
    • Deal 130% damage to debuffed targets.
  • Sticky Goo (Bug Snail Shell Back)
    • Stun attacker if this Axie’s shield breaks. Can only trigger once per round.

You’d notice that most parts are Bug Parts, so you’d also see Terminator Bug Axies. But many prefer the Termi Reptile build thanks to the bulkier stats of a Reptile. Reptile Axies are also stronger against Bird and Aqua Axies, which are usually the last ones standing in Axie parties. Terminator Bugs trump Terminator Reptiles, but Reptiles are better against everyone else. Recently, we’ve also seen a rise in usage for budget Terminator Plants and Terminator Aquas, but so far they haven’t been so good compared to their more expensive counterparts. For more information on what the pros and cons of each Axie class are, check out our Axie Infinity Class Guide.

These Terminator Axies are good in stalling the enemy, using stuns to prevent them to deal any damage, and mitigating any damage that goes through with their tough shields. They’re really strong against Plants, especially in 1v1. However, they usually struggle against self-healing Axies or life-stealing Axies.

How to beat Termi Axies

Termi Axies can be beaten with some mind games. Termi owners want their Terminator Axies to be the last ones standing, so you can surprise them with backline-targeting or speed-targeting cards. You can also beat Termis by rushing to defeat two of its companions. Going 2v1 against a Terminator Axie will let you win, with one Axie focusing on breaking its shield, and the other one bursting with damage.

When you’re stuck in a 1v1 fight against a Termi, and your last Axie has any 0-energy card, then that’s the best scenario for you. Calculate the amount of damage it’ll take to break the Termi’s shield. Breaking the shield will proc the Sticky Goo stun, so you can sequence your cards such that the 0-energy card will be used while stunned, maximizing your damage. Critical attacks can also deal with the Termi’s shield, spilling damage over the Shield value, so high-morale Axies can also break through their defenses.

Even though Terminator Axies are good against Plants, they might have a hard time fighting against Poison or Healing-meta Plants. Since Terminator Axies cannot stop the healing of the Plants, they will have to rely on their luck on which cards they can remove with their discard attacks. It becomes 50/50 at this point, with the victor rising as the ones who have a better strategy than the other.

But if you think Terminator Reptiles are actually cool, then you can check out the Axie Marketplace for them. We even filtered the search for you here, so you can just start browsing for Terminator Reptiles in the Axie Marketplace. Breeding a perfect Terminator Reptile takes some luck, so buying one straight from the marketplace might be a better idea.