One of the biggest ongoing stories of the offseason has been the relationship between the Houston Texans and their star pass rusher, Jadeveon Clowney.

Clowney and the Texans haven't seen eye-to-eye on a contract extension and it's making it increasingly clear that his time in Houston is numbered.

Due to that, the Texans have reportedly been shopping Clowney for quite some time, and it appears things have gotten pretty serious. Serious enough that Clowney met with Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores amid the trade speculation.

Not only are the Miami Dolphins a possible landing spot, they're apparently one of the teams near the top of the race for Jadeveon Clowney.

This could be a massive move that molds the future of a lot of teams. Clowney has been seen as someone that possesses game-changing ability ever since he entered the NFL, but he hasn't exactly put up those monster numbers.

Still, he has more than enough time to flip the switch, and 9.5 sacks (which is how many he recorded two years ago) definitely isn't anything to sleep on. Meanwhile, whatever the return is for Clowney is sure to be pretty monumental and could help the Texans take the next step forward as well.

For now though, all we know is the speculation. A lot of teams want Jadeveon Clowney and it's becoming increasingly obvious that the Houston Texans aren't going to hold onto him much longer.

The meeting he had with Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores could be what ultimately makes him decide if that's where he wants to be or not.

It could be the difference between Clowney heading to South Beach or somewhere else.