James Harden has now listed the Miami Heat as one of the teams he would prefer to be traded to when the Houston Rockets finally give in to his trade request.

On the daily Locked On Heat Podcast, host David Ramil breaks down a potential trade for James Harden and explains why Tyler Herro might be the best trade chip the Rockets could hope to get in a trade for James Harden.

David Ramil: Tyler Herro showed flashes in the NBA bubble. He's a good playmaker. He made a big leap during that hiatus as far as improved passing and trying to make plays for others. Obviously, he has great potential as a three-level scorer and I think he can get to another level. He's bulked up a little bit during the offseason, it wasn't very long, but again, at 20 years old, he shows incredible promise, dedication, work ethic. He's everything that you think of when you look at a potential star in the making. Yes, he's young but think of it this way, it's basically like getting, the equivalent of a top-five pick in the draft. Although he was taken later in the lottery, I think his talent level is above where he was selected. I think he's probably closer to, again, a top-five pick in terms of potentially making a bigger impact for the rest of his career.

I do see him as being a multi-time All-Star, a guy who's gonna be a high-level scorer. Maybe he doesn't improve defensively to the point where he's considered a two-way player, but maybe he'll be a better version of Jamal Crawford, a guy who can really get you a bucket whenever you need when, and you can count on him again in clutch situations because he does seem to embrace those moments in a way that most players do not.