If Mason Thames and Madeleine McGraw thought their Black Phone nightmares were over, they were wrong. Scott Derrickson's Blumhouse film received a massive casting twist for its upcoming sequel, The Black Phone 2, headlined by Ethan Hawke.

The Grabber lives?

Universal and Blumhouse Productions logos next to The Black Phone poster and Ethan Hawke.

Given how much of a hit The Black Phone was, a sequel was inevitable. The film made $161 million worldwide last year for Blumhouse/Universal. However, the film ends with closure for Thames, McGraw, and Hawke's characters.

Deadline is reporting that all three will return for Derrickson's sequel. Jeremy Davies and Miguel Mora are also set to return in The Black Phone 2.

The film, which is based on Joe Hill's short story of the same name, follows a young boy (Thames) who is abducted by “The Grabber” (Hawke). While held captive, the boy receives calls from a mysterious phone that allows him to speak with past victims.

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Scott Derrickson, known for directing Doctor Strange and his work in the Sinister series (also with Hawke), will return. C. Robert Cargill, who co-wrote the first film's script with Derrickson, is also set to return for the sequel.

Ethan Hawke gave one his most sinister (no pun intended) performances in The Black Phone. What exactly his role in the sequel is will be an interesting question before the film's release.

Mason Thames made his feature film acting debut in The Black Phone. He had previously appeared in episodes of For All Mankind and Walker. Thames has multiple future projects lined up, most notably the live-action adaptation of How to Train Your Dragon.