Kobe Bryant's Highest Scoring Games Against Every Team
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The Most Points Kobe Bryant Has Scored Against Every Team In The NBA

Kobe Bryant

Over the course of his illustrious career, Kobe Bryant has surely tortured some fanbases and franchises more than ever, but not one of the 29 teams other than the Los Angeles Lakers has completely escaped the dominance of the Black Mamba.

Sure, the Toronto Raptors saw a side of Bryant that nobody else has when he dropped 81 points, the second-most by a player in a game in NBA history, but every other team has been burned by him on at least a few occasions.

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The NBA’s third all-time leading scorer only has one more game against the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night before hanging up his sneakers for good, but it’s unlikely that he’ll top his career-high against the Jazz of 52.

Below, Kobe Bryant’s highest scoring game against every team in the NBA is listed. Incredibly, Bryant has dropped at least 40 points on all of them. 17 teams have seen Bryant lay at least a 50-burger on them, and five of those were 60 0r more.

One thing is clear here; every team in the NBA has endured the wrath of the Black Mamba.

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