The NFL’s Top 100 Players: Starting at the top with 100-91
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Adrian Amos

The NFL’s Top 100 Players: 100-91

The NFL is celebrating its 100th season in its illustrious history in 2019. With that in mind, people are bound to make their own lists of the NFL’s top 100 players, and here we are—making a top 100 list at ClutchPoints. Soon, NFL Network will release their annual top 100 players who are voted on by the players.

To come up with the top 100 players in the NFL, I took the top 10 players at each position to come up with a list of 130 players. Then, I added and subtracted players from different positions to finally arrive at exactly 100. There are no more than 13 players at any one position, primarily to prevent overcrowding skill guys.

All of the players on the list were chosen due to their talent and recent success in the NFL. Without further ado, here is the first installment of a series of articles, counting down from 100 all the way down to one.

100. Adrian Amos

This offseason, the Green Bay Packers spent loads of money to strengthen their defense. Among their plethora of moves, the Packers signed Adrian Amos to a four-year, $37 million contract.

In the past couple of seasons, Amos has been one of the best safeties in the NFL with the Chicago Bears. Since 2017, Amos has totaled three interceptions, 140 total tackles, eight tackles for loss, and two forced fumbles.

99. David DeCastro

David DeCastro

The Pittsburgh Steelers have had one of the best offensive lines in football the last few seasons. That is due to having guys like David DeCastro anchoring the offensive line.

In the last three seasons combined, the Steelers have allowed just 69 sacks as a team. To put things into perspective, the Houston Texans allowed 62 sacks in 2018.

98. Taylor Lewan

Taylor Lewan

The left tackle is a crucial position for every team in the NFL, as they are tasked with protecting the blindside of the quarterback. The good news for the Tennessee Titans is that they have one of the best in the NFL in Taylor Lewan.

Tennessee makes it a priority to protect Marcus Mariota, and Lewan does a splendid job of doing so. Still, this past season Mariota was sacked 47 times which was the 10th most in the NFL

97. Byron Jones

Byron Jones, Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys drafted Byron Jones in 2015 in hopes he could become a talented safety. Last year, he made the switch to cornerback and flourished.

By looking at the numbers, it may not seem like Jones did much last season, but it was because teams rarely threw at him. According to PFF, Jones had a coverage grade of 83.3 and allowed zero touchdowns his way.

96. Ryan Kerrigan

Ryan Kerrigan, Redskins


Teams are continually searching for edge rushers who can get to the quarterback consistently. For the Washington Redskins, Ryan Kerrigan has been a mainstay on the defense for years.

Kerrigan is slightly underrated outside of Washington, but he continues to produce at a high level. Since 2011, Kerrigan has 84.5 sacks and has tallied double-digit sacks in the past three seasons.

95. Malcolm Jenkins

Malcolm Jenkins, Eagles

Malcolm Jenkins has been a leader on the Philadelphia Eagles’ defense since arriving in 2009 as a rookie. Even at 31-years old, Jenkins is one of the best safeties in the NFL.

In the past five seasons, Jenkins has corralled 11 interceptions, 329 solo tackles, and eight forced fumbles. Jenkins has been able to remain at the top of his game by being a difference-maker in the passing and running games.

94. Joe Staley

joe staley

The next offensive tackle to make the list is Joe Staley of the San Francisco 49ers. Staley has been stalwart on the 49ers offensive line for a number of years.

Staley will be 35-years old when the season begins, but he still is one of the best at his craft. Last season, Staley had a run-block success percentage of 13.3, which was one of the best in the NFL according to PFF.

93. Micah Hyde

In a league where teams are longing for versatile safeties, Micah Hyde is one of the most versatile among them for the Buffalo Bills. Hyde began his career as a special teams player for the Packers.

Since then, Hyde has blossomed into a productive safety for the Bills. In the past two seasons, Hyde has seven interceptions, 18 deflections, and 106 solo tackles.

92. Marshon Lattimore

marshon lattimore

Among the best young cornerbacks in the NFL, the New Orleans Saints boasts one of them in Marshon Lattimore. Lattimore has helped turn the Saints secondary into a respectable one over the past two seasons.

In his rookie season, Lattimore had five interceptions and 18 deflections. Those numbers were going to be hard to match, but Lattimore returned in 2018 to corral two interceptions and 12 deflections in his sophomore season.

91. Damon Harrison

Damon Harrison

The New York Giants traded Damon Harrison midway through the season last year to the Detroit Lions. As a result, the Giants run defense got worse while the Lions’ vastly improved.

Harrison is known to be a stout run defender and he showcased he still is at the top of his game in 2018. The veteran defensive tackle helped lead Detroit to a top-1o run defense in 2018 with his ability to impede opposing team’s rushing attacks.