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The perfect trade White Sox must offer Cubs for Kris Bryant

Kris Bryant, trade, White Sox, Cubs

The Chicago Cubs went from contenders in the National League Centrals to sellers in a couple of weeks. After a string of losses, they have decisions to make with many players, specifically Kris Bryant. With the MLB trade deadline right around the corner. The Cubs will be floating Bryant around to get some return of investment, especially since Bryant is almost certainly set to hit free agency in the offseason.

The San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers make some sense. Another team that makes sense is around the corner from where Bryant is now: the Chicago White Sox.

The White Sox have been walloped by injuries and have a comfortable lead in the American League Central, but they want a World Series title badly, hence hiring Tony LaRussa.

Sure, Eloy Jimenez is on his way back, and sure, they don’t need to worry about the Cleveland Indians barring some lat collapse. Still, the addition of Bryant would put this team at the top of the American League, at the very least.

They have a legitimate shot to push for an American League pennant and head to the World Series. So, if the White Sox decide to go that route, here is one trade they could make to snag Kris Bryant and move him to the American League.

White Sox receive: Kris Bryant

Cubs receive: 3B DJ Gladney, P Bailey Horn, P Andrew Dalquist

The trade between the two Chicago teams includes three top-25 prospects from the White Sox side of the deal. Is this a lot for them to give up? Probably. On the other hand, adding Bryant to the ChiSox would immediately put them as a World Series contender and most likely the American League favorite.

If adding Bryant is what puts you over the top, they absolutely have to pull the trigger on this deal. Simply put, the White Sox won’t be dealing any Major League players of value to the Cubs.

Dalquist is the #5 prospect in the White Sox system and is just 20 years old. Horn and Gladney are the #23 and #17 prospects in the White Sox system, and dealing them still leaves plenty of talent for them to dip into in the next few years.

The Cubs market for Bryant should be extremely fluid, but receiving three talented prospects for essentially a rental of Bryant is a good deal for the Cubs to take.

The trade deadline is around the corner, and Kris Bryant’s days with the Chicago Cubs are drawing to an unfortunate end.