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The Young Bucks suspension unfortunately affects Being the Elite too

AEW, Young Bucks, Being the Elite, Kenny Omega, CM Punk

After maybe breaking down a locker room door to confront CM Punk in what turned into a full-on backstage brawl at AEW’s All Out, the ramifications hit The Elite trio of Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks, Nick and Matt Jackson, swiftly. The trio were suspended until further review, their AEW World Trios Championship belts were stripped and swiftly awarded to Death Triangle, and their likenesses were even removed from the opening sequences of both Dynamite and Rampage, which is a whole ‘nother level of on-screen removal.

Unfortunate? Sure, even if the Bucks, Omega, and Punk are suspended, they still remain incredibly important parts of the company’s history and should be treated as such. Still, when MJF was away from the company, he too was removed from promotional material, and Cody Rhodes, despite taking part in some of the most important matches in AEW history, is basically never mentioned on television unless Tony Schiavone and/or Jim Ross screw up.

Okay, so for the foreseeable future, The Elite won’t be on television, that’s understandable, all things considered, but at least fans can still catch up on what it’s like to be The Elite on their conveniently named YouTube show, Being the Elite, right?

Apparently not.

That’s right, according to the show’s official Twitter, the show is being put on ice for the foreseeable future with no specified return date on the books. Outside of the occasional social media post proving that they are still alive, it looks like the only way fans can catch up with Omega and the Jacksons will be to go back in the vault and remember what it was like during a much simpler time in AEW history.