It was a big deal when Thon Maker was ruled eligible for the NBA draft out of high school due to some unique circumstances. Depending on how the strategy panned out, it was speculated that other players would take the same route of working the loophole to go straight from the preps to the pros like the old days.

However, the 7-foot prospect has run into some trouble with his stated age.

According to Jake Fischer of Sports Illustrated, a number of teams have “entirely ruled Thon Maker out of the first round due to his age. Multiple sources believe Maker to be 21-23, not 19.”

That's quite the accusation.

Thon Maker
Kelly Kline/Under Armour

Maker's status is one of the true unknowns going into tonight's draft. Another team still could take a chance on him in the first round, or he could possibly fall completely out of the first round.

Previously, Maker was listed in the top-20 of most mock drafts. Maker, who has a ridiculous wingspan of 7'3″, has a list birthdate of Feb. 25, 1997, in the country of Sudan. He's spent a lot of his life in Australia, the United States, and most recently Canada.

So far, no proof of him being older has been released in the media.

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