Three buyout options for veteran big man Marcin Gortat
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Marcin Gortat

Three buyout options for veteran big man Marcin Gortat

After every trade deadline, it seems like there are a few players that become available after they are waived. Especially centers. Teams desperately need depth down low going into the stretch run. Marcin Gortat fills that role perfectly.

Yesterday Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports reported that Gortat will be waived by the Clippers. However, even though the Golden State Warriors could use him right away, he’s going to wait a bit before he makes his final decision.

Gortat ended his time with the Clippers averaging 5.0 points and 5.6 rebounds in 16.0 minutes per game. His ability to set screens for scores and his leadership ability is known across the league. He’d be especially good for a young playoff team in need of veteran leadership.

He is 15th in the NBA in screen assists¬†(3.6) even though that he is playing only 16.0 minutes per game. Rudy Gobert is No. 1 at 6.0 per game, but gets nearly double the number of minutes (31.5). He’s a very efficient screener and fills his role very well.

The enforcer and screener could fit very well on a number of teams pushing for a playoff spot.

1.) Warriors

The Warriors could use some depth down low. After not having any depth, their all-star big man DeMArcus Cousins came back, they’ve had a much better presence in the paint. Cousins and Draymond Green can split time down low, as well as Damian Jones.

They are now 38-15 and look to make some distance between the Denver Nuggets for the first seed. In the playoffs, the team could use someone who can bang in the boards down low. It will be interesting to see if the team gives him a flyer.

He’s not a perfect fit with the team, but he’s good insurance with playoff experience in case of injury.

However, the Gortat does have a little bit of beef with the team. Back in February of 2017, Gortat threw down former Warriors center Zaza Pachulia to the ground, who fell onto Kevin Durant’s left leg, causing a brone bruise and an MCL sprain.

Marcin Gortat, Lou Williams, Montrezl Harrell, Tobias Harris


The Warriors may be looking to add Enes Kanter or Wesley Mathews on the roster instead or in addition too. Expect them to add some much needed bench depth coming into next week.

2.) Bucks

The Bucks during the trade deadline traded for Nikola Mirortic. This adds a stretch four presence who can play when Brook Lopez isn’t on the floor. However, after losing Thon Maker in their transactions this past week, the team doesn’t have a backup center who is more traditional. Someone who can rebound well and play in bigger lineups.

Gortat could be that man. The Bucks are a very young team with very little playoff experience. Postseason basketball can get very gritty. The Bucks need someone who can come off the bench and be a dominant presence in the paint.

The Bucks are now 40-13 and are pushing to be the first team in the league to 60 wins. They have every chance in the world now that they have a surmountable depth that can hit from deep.

There is no one on the roster that plays these kind of minutes under Mike Buldenhozer. John Henson has averaged just under three minutes per game. Gortat could solidify the bench unit and add a much needed piece to their team as a whole.

Marcin Gortat, Clippers

3.) Nets

The Brooklyn Nets are in the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference. Their record sits at 29-27. The recent play of D’Angelo Russell has thrust them into the playoff picture. Even though the team didn’t make very many “win now” moves before the deadline, they could very much use some depth if they are to have a chance in being competitive in a playoff series.

Gortat fits in here for a few reasons. The Nets have Jarrett Allens and Ed Davis, but Davis isn’t much of a big center in the pain. He can play the four and oftentimes does. Otherwise, their center depth on the roster is limited.

The Nets roster is oozing is young talent. Adding someone like Gortat would provide much needed veteran leadership. Plus, his playoff experience would be extremely beneficial. Having someone who’s been there before is very necessary in the locker room if they expect to win in a series.

The Nets could also be looking at Enes Kanter. However, since Gortat fits more of a backup role than Kanter does, his ability to be impactful with a limited amount of minutes is exactly what the Nets need.