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Thunder news: Enes Kanter pokes fun at Timberwolves for their Statement uniform

After the NBA revealed all its teams’ statement jerseys, the designs have drawn plenty of attention from the fans because of how they looked. Veering away from the old designs, the league partnered with Nike to come up with the modern-looking uniforms that will surely give fans more reason to be excited for the upcoming season.

However, Enes Kanter wasn’t impressed with all of them, particularly the Minnesota Timberwolves’ bright and light green-colored jerseys. When he was asked to give his thoughts about the Oklahoma City Thunder’s, he poked fun at the Wolves’ jerseys by comparing theirs to OKC’s, and hilariously said that he thinks they have the better looking uniforms.

While most teams focused on their logos and using different fonts, Minnesota’s can be considered to have the biggest change, especially with the color which is not hard to notice, even from afar.

It may have been a playful shot from the Turkish big man, but with the competitiveness of all the players, it could result to hotly contested matchups from both teams. With the Thunder being a perennial playoff team, and the Timberwolves looking to be the same, it won’t come as a complete surprise if Kanter’s statement will give the Minneapolis team extra motivation to beat them, especially while wearing their Statement jerseys.