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Chris Paul always watched his bad clips in college, never watched his good plays

Chris Paul, Thunder

During his college days at Wake Forest, Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Chris Paul always watched his bad clips, but never watched his good plays.

Jeff Battle, who was the assistant coach at Wake Forest while Paul was there, says CP3’s film preparation was as good as it gets.

“He was so smart. He would watch a ton of film with me. After every game, I don’t care what time we played or got in the night before, he’d be waiting for me in my office the next morning to watch film,” Battle told C.L. Brown of The Athletic.

“He always wanted to watch his bad clips, what he could get better at. He didn’t want to watch the things that he did well. So he was a step ahead in terms of film and preparation.”

You don’t become one of the best point guards in NBA history without working hard and watching hours and hours of film. Chris Paul, who was traded to the Thunder this summer, is one of the smartest basketball players to ever lace them up and his film study is the main reason why.

Entering next season, Paul has career averages of 18.5 points, 4.5 rebounds and 9.7 assists. He will be the new starting point guard for the Thunder in the post-Russell Westbrook era.

The Thunder are excited to see Paul mentor Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, who OKC is grooming to be the new face of the franchise.