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Chris Paul’s NBA Players Association efforts during hiatus, protests praised by Thunder GM Sam Presti


Chris Paul is not just one of the best guards in the NBA, but he’s also doing some good work as the president of the NBPA amid the long hiatus brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the countrywide protests going on. Oklahoma City Thunder general manager Sam Presti has taken notice and praised the guard’s efforts.

Per Erik Horne of The Athletic, Presti believes that Paul has done a “fabulous job” in his job as NBPA president as well as the team’s leader on and off the court.

The Thunder is one of the 22 teams set to return to action. They currently sport a decent 40-24 record and will likely qualify for the postseason unless something crazy occurs.

But apart from securing their playoff spot, Presti is also concerned about the health and safety of everyone in the bubble location in Florida.

“The chief concern for everybody has been and will continue to be the health and safety of everybody that’s going down there,” Presti said, “but our trust is placed in the NBA and the NBA’s work with city and I guess county officials in Florida, and we’re looking forward to it.”

Presti also shared his thoughts on the ongoing protests all over the US. While it is true that they’re pumped about the resumption of the 2019-20 season, Presti is also aware that there are tons of important issues outside the basketball court. And everyone should be mindful of that.

“We’re certainly excited, but we also can’t lose sight of the other issues that are taking place in the country just in general,” Presti said. “The country has been through a lot the last few months, and I think we have to be sensitive to that as well, that this is a game, it’s a sport, it’s entertainment.

“What we’ve got to make sure of is that these other issues don’t get ignored because there’s something else to focus on.”

The Thunder definitely won the lottery when they got Paul via trade. But frankly, the Thunder have been lucky all along with Presti in the fold.