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Corey Brewer not shocked by Paul George’s return to Thunder

Corey Brewer, Paul George, Thunder

Paul George’s potential departure from the Oklahoma City Thunder left fans and teammates wondering the state of the franchise if he was to pull off the move this offseason.

Yet veteran Corey Brewer was rather confident he would see his teammate from last season return to play alongside Russell Westbrook, even after falling well short by elimination in the first round of the playoffs.

“No. I had a feeling that he was going to go back,” said Brewer as a guest on the Aaron Torres Sports Podcast. “He was enjoying himself. He was having fun. It was a good situation for him. They like each other. People make it like ‘Oh, people don’t like playing with Russ.’ But Russ is a great guy. When you’re on his team you realize you want to play with him. I guess from the outside looking in you think ‘Oh, he does this, he does that.’ But he’s a great guy and a great teammate.”

Westbrook has proven a likable guy for some of his teammates like Steven Adams and former teammate Enes Kanter, who still showers Westbrook with praise even after having been dealt to the New York Knicks last offseason.

George had a strong start to the season, shooting the three-ball at over a 40 percent clip. He was in line to finish in the top 10 in efficiency if it weren’t for his unforeseen decline thanks to a build-up of fluid due to elbow bursitis, which he played with for the latter part of the season.

Now featured as a one-two punch alongside Westbrook, George will have more freedom to do some damage at the offensive end without the need to create for Carmelo Anthony, who was traded away to the Atlanta Hawks last month before finding a new home with the Houston Rockets.