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Thunder’s Dennis Schroder joins exclusive club after 4th 20-5-5 game off the bench


The Oklahoma City Thunder are playing great basketball thanks to a concerted team effort. One of the stars who have stepped up for OKC is Dennis Schroder.

Once considered as one of the more promising guards in the league, his career never took off and has become a key bench player for the Thunder. It was in this role that he finally found his niche and fully blossomed into a quality player for the overachieving Thunder.

NBA Stats provided the incredible record that Schroder has achieved:

There have been plenty of outstanding players who have thrived off the bench through the history of the game. There are exemplary ballers such as Jamal Crawford and Lou Williams who can shoot the lights out. There are also beloved characters who fans love to cheer on like Brian Scalabrine and Alex Caruso.

However, there are only a few players who can play well-rounded games the way Schroder, Manu Ginobili, and Jordan Clarkson has shown the league. It’s tough to put up starter-like numbers when you only get anything from 15-25 minutes a night.

Schroder showcased just how great of a bench player he can be for a lot of NBA teams. He’s perfect for the role as he’s a step above the rest but not exactly good enough to make a huge dent as a starter. Being the sixth man may be the perfect role for him in a championship contender.

This record is also good for the Thunder as they are in a rebuilding situation. They will likely trade Schroder for picks and expiring contracts, and this performance makes him desirable for many NBA teams.