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Thunder’s Dennis Schroder’s crotch shot of P.J. Tucker also being investigated by NBA

Dennis Schroder, P.J. Tucker, Rockets, Thunder

The NBA will look into Dennis Schroder’s low blow on P.J. Tucker during Game 5 of the first-round series between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets.

The league was already investigating Tucker’s head-butt on Schroder, and will now take Schroder’s actions into consideration.

Schroder and Tucker came together when the Rockets forward set an on-ball screen on Schroder. The two collided, resulting in an offensive foul on Tucker.

However, Tucker promptly got up and into Schroder’s face before giving him the head-butt. The two were separated, though Tucker was clearly suggesting Schroder had taken an intentional shot at his groin area.

The referees agreed, to an extent. Both Schroder and Tucker were ejected, and might now be subject to further discipline.

As Sam Amick of The Athletic noted, this latest incident is just one of many officiating controversies in the series:

“In Game 1, James Harden raises his right knee while jump-passing and nails Schröder in the family jewels. Much to the chagrin of the Thunder, this play doesn’t draw the attention of the league office either.

“In Game 3, Paul nails Ben McLemore below the belt and sources say the Rockets were incensed that the league wouldn’t take a closer look at the play seen below. Everyone is aggrieved at this point.”

It is not a surprise tensions are running high in such a hotly-contested series. But Houston has constantly demanded the league look into these kind of potentially “hostile” acts from Thunder players.

Whether Schroder and Tucker will be available for Game 6 is a mystery, though the NBA’s decision could do a lot to soothe or possibly flare tensions further.