The Oklahoma City Thunder's selection of Jalen and Jaylin Williams during the 2022 NBA Draft spawned a lot of confusion for fans at first. But as time passed by, the two slowly but surely made their marks as the Thunder surpassed expectations during the 2022-23 season. J-Dub emerged as one of the best rookies of his draft class, while Jaylin ended up being OKC's starting center to end the year, proving his worth as a floor-spacing big.

While there's no debating the fact that Jalen was a more impactful player for the Thunder in year one, Jaylin, the former Arkansas Razorback, also has staked his claim to remain with the team for as long as possible as they try to develop into one of the best young teams in the NBA. But clearly, some members of the media still missed the memo.

Following the Thunder's convincing Summer League win over the Utah Jazz on Monday night, Holly Rowe, the ESPN sideline reporter for the game, disrespected Jaylin Williams by referring to his teammate Jalen as “the real Jalen Williams”, compounding matters by telling the 6'10 big man that she meant “no offense” with what she said.

In the immediate aftermath of what Rowe said, Tre Mann looked intently at Jaylin Williams, who took the disrespect in stride. The 21-year old center, whose arm was wrapped around the shoulders of the returning Chet Holmgren, just laughed it off, which is a testament to his upstanding attitude.

While the big man had a good attitude towards this entire scenario, fans on Twitter did not take too kindly to the disrespect Holly Rowe showed the young Thunder center. Some Twitter users chastised Rowe, wondering why she had to make such a remark that surely would not have been received well.

However, most Thunder fans took this slight as an opportunity to praise Jaylin Williams instead. They expressed gratitude and love for the young big man, with one user even calling him the “nicest” and “most humble” human being.

The best response to disrespect is by letting one's game do the talking. And given how hard Jaylin Williams works, expect him to continue improving rapidly, helping usher in the next contending era for the Thunder.