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Jerami Grant says anti-Russell Westbrook narrative is ‘ignorant’

Jerami Grant, Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder talent Jerami Grant won’t stand for the anti-Russell Westbrook narratives that have swirled the league in recent years.

The polarizing All-Star has been the cause of many debates, as some of his teammates seem to absolutely adore him, while others like Kevin Durant and Reggie Jackson had a visible rupture with the mercurial point guard over time.

Grant, who has been Westbrook’s teammate in Oklahoma City for two seasons, explained how the media has gotten it wrong all along.

“That’s just ignorant. I think people just listen to the media [who say that] and believe it, but Russ is a great teammate and a great person,” Grant told Alex Kennedy of HoopsHype. “Players obviously want to play with him. PG just re-signed to come back. I just re-signed to come back. I know of a lot of players who want to be in OKC.”

“I think that’s a huge misconception in the media and I don’t know why it’s said. He’s a great player and everyone wants to play with great players because we all want to win. He definitely passes the ball. I’m not really sure what else to say about that. It’s just ignorance.”

Just like some others at the point guard position, Westbrook’s competitive nature has a way of rubbing guys the wrong way, while others cherish having a teammate that cares about winning as much as them. George and Grant are surely two examples of the type of players that mesh well with a maniacally-competitive point guard.

Good on them.