OKLAHOMA CITY – Coming into his first season with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Paul George was seen as one of the best scorers in the league. The former Indiana Pacer forward could be especially lethal with his mid-range jumper.

However, in the first couple of months as a member of the Thunder, George’s jumper has been off slightly. He is shooting 40 percent from the field compared to his career average of 43 percent.

Yet, according to George’s his shot isn’t broken.

“I’ve had a little forearm issue. Right arm issue that has been arm issue that has been a little wacky for me, to start the season out.” George said. “Been trying to work through that. But once everything gets completely smoothened out, I will be back to knocking down the mid-range. I will be back comfortable in that mid-range area.”

George said he has been battling the tightness in his forearm since the start of the season. But he can’t pinpoint exactly what is wrong.

“It’s been all season long to start this season,” George said. “I’m not sure how it came about or what happened. I have a lot of tightness in my forearm. A lot of tightness in my right arm that’s been causing me to not really feel comfortable shooting.”

In the last few games, George’s shooting woes have been pretty evident. Monday he was 3-for-13 against Denver and 5-of-12 against Utah on Wednesday.

Yet, George says forearm is getting better. And it doesn’t seem to affect his 3-point shooting. He is shooting 40.5 percent, the second highest of his career.

“It’s more of an internal thing. It’s not like it’s a spot that they can hit,” George said. “It doesn’t hurt, it’s pain-free. It’s just tightness. I’m a shooter, so I have to kind of play through it. I’ll find my way through it. It’s been getting better and better over the course of the season.”