Russell Westbrook gets emotional talking about childhood friend with upcoming shoe
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Russell Westbrook gets emotional talking about childhood friend with upcoming shoe

Russell Westbrook

What more can be said about Russell Westbrook. The reigning 2017 MVP is a dominant point guard with a knack of posting groundbreaking stats in an effort to help his team win.

The road hasn’t always been easy for Westbrook. Early in his career and even now, Westbrook is harshly criticized for his questionable decision making, which became apparent in the 2012 NBA Finals.

Later, Westbrook lost his superstar teammate Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors in 2016. After leading his team to the postseason without Durant, Westbrook won the league’s MVP award after averaging a triple-double, which is a feat that hasn’t been accomplished since Oscar Roberson.

Westbrook is one of the most talented players in the NBA. He is also one of the highest paid players in the NBA, signing a five-year $205 million contract in September. Westbrook is also paired with Carmelo Anthony and Paul George, giving him the help he needs to succeed in the tough Western Conference.

Nonetheless, after reminiscing about a childhood friend, Westbrook couldn’t help but get emotional despite the immense success he has obtained over the course of career.

Regardless of where he is now, Westbrook still has fond memories about his past and where he came from. Westbrook is an engaged contributor to the community in Oklahoma City and has devoted his wealth and time to making the conditions of those around him better.

Even with the stress of the regular season weighing on him, Westbrook still remembers his childhood friend from many years ago. This act just shows that Westbrook is more down to earth than he lets on, most of the time.